We’re growing! Beginning in 2017 we will move away from the “membership” model to a broader network model.

Our mission remains the same – to be a premiere Christ-centered organization providing moral, spiritual and professional support for Christians serving, leading and governing in the public square.

As we emerge in 2017 from the start-up, fledgling phase of growth, we reflect with gratitude upon those who helped lay our foundation; and, look ahead with great anticipation to the continued faithfulness of God through an expanded network who want to support and be part of our work in serving those whom God has called to serve in public spaces.

2016, our third year of existence, proved to be a breakout year for us as more people who aren’t in public service became more aware of our vision and mission, expressed a desire to participate and support our work. We will welcome as part of our network Christians who aren’t in public service, but who want to help and support Christians who are.

More to come in January 2017 on how to become part of the new Christians in Public Service Network.

Growth and change are good!