Following the Blueprint


He was about righteousness, not race. He was about serving God through serving people, not scoring political points.

The promises of God not political platforms was his compass. He never held a political office but changed the political landscape.

He understood that it didn’t matter if a Bull Connor was commissioner of public safety (for white people) or a George Wallace was governor for the same, God still reigned.

What many of us overlook and want to forget is that what made Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was his uncompromising and unfailing faith in God. It was God speaking through him that motivated men, women, boys and girls to know that they were created in the very image of God and white didn’t mean right and black did not have to get back.

It was God, not politics or Allah that gave Dr. King the strength, courage, wisdom and faith to believe in and fight for what was ours – freedom, justice and our equal standing in the eyes of God as Imago Dei – images of God as human beings as written in the Word of God; and, Americans as written in the Constitution of the United States of America. We had the Word on our side. The Constitution on our side. Dr. King gave us the will.

He didn’t allow himself to be distracted or compromised by petty squabbles, power struggles and inherent jealousies; nor did he sell out or sell us out to the highest bidder.

He didn’t seek to capitalize on beatings, arrests or degradation at the hands of ignorant whites. He understood who they were, what they were, but above all who HE was in Christ. He did what many of us who claim the mantle of Christianity can’t seem to do – look beyond ignorance, hate and prejudice and look to the God of  our fathers and mothers as did Dr. King. When he chose God’s way, God showed Him the better way – and he saw what few of his generation and even today did or have – God allowed him to see a glimpse of His glory.

That glimpse of God’s glory and a belief in His word, and yes a belief in the words of the founders of these United States stirred in his heart a fire that could not be quenched by the torrential waves of white hatred, racism and prejudice.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was first and foremost a man of resolute faith and he relied more on his faith in a God he knew could not lie than on any politician from either party who could and did.

I honor this man of God who gave himself totally to God to be used by God to change a system that could only be changed BY God. The same God many of us have today kicked to the curb to curry temporary and conditional favor from men and women who don’t care about the God who brought us over and if truth be told care even less about us. If they knew the God many claim to know – the God that Dr. King knew, they too would seek to serve Him and not so much to please people.

I’m not bothered at all by Donald J. Trump. I am not impressed by his wealth. I am not at all bothered by Republicans or Democrats – nor do I seek to please or placate any of them.

I am not a politician and not in politics. But I am committed to serving God in my generation and following the blueprint He has laid out for me and for all those who believe.

Dr. King followed the blueprint. As a Christian in celebrating his life, ask yourself the question – are you willing to follow it too?

Glory to God and thank you Dr. King for showing us the better way.


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