Don’t Take The Bait


Billy Graham once said it seems the devil gets 75% of God’s best men through sexual temptation. Make no mistake, power to many women is an aphrodisiac.

Know men, before your ego gets stroked and you get stoked, that it’s often not you the person that she’s attracted to – but to your power, position and prestige.

Take the bait and you may lose them all, including the bait. Bait is only good for catching fish. For the 75% of the men to whom Billy Graham refers, the more enticing the bait, the greater the chances of the fish being caught. The bigger the fish, the more enticing will be the bait.

The more impressive and influential you are – the more impressive and enticing will be your bait. That’s just how the devil rolls. He knows what kind of bait will make you bite, but in the end you will find as many have before you, that it was nothing more than a red herring.

Once caught fish are either gutted or thrown back to be baited again. Take the bait enough times and like the 75%, sooner or later you are sure to be gutted.


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