Staying Focused on Truth


by Guest Blogger Josh Pritchard

I’ve seen a couple troubling images promoted by Christians in the last couple of days:

1. The image of Donald Trump with Jesus guiding his hand as he signs paperwork in the oval office.

First, who says Jesus would endorse everything Trump stands for? And more importantly, what happens to the image of Jesus when Trump inevitably fails to follow through on some of his plans?

2. The sermon from Pastor Robert Jeffress, Senior Pastor, FIrst Baptist Dallas, portraying Trump as the American Nehemiah.

Portraying Trump as a kind of American Nehemiah is just flat out false teaching. The story of Nehemiah is about what God did through the man, not what the man did for God.

It also certainly wasn’t about curtailing illegal immigration. And Nehemiah’s story in the Bible was written down after it happened. The order is 1) God worked, then 2) people recorded it.

Christians, be wary of taking these victory laps. Think about the consequences of promoting these stories and praise/judge Trump on what he actually does, not on some false teaching about him.


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